About Us

Hey! We are Kateri & Alyssa from Massachusetts & we are so happy you found us! Welcome to The Gray Barn Boutique! 

Here’s a little bit about us! We met in 2017 and have been friends ever since. We have A LOT in common. We are both boy moms - so our days are filled with cars, dirt, boogers & hugs. Kateri lives in Templeton, MA with her husband Dan & their son Connor. Alyssa lives in Fitchburg, MA with her husband Mike and their 2 kids Mikey and Madalie. Since our little boys first met they have become great friends, which makes working together even more fun. Both of us are animal lovers and combined we have 5 dogs, 6 cats, and a bird. We both left our full time jobs (banking & teaching) to become boutique owners, which is what ultimately led us to join together to open The Gray Barn Boutique.

The Gray Barn Boutique was created out of the love and joy that we feel while helping women find clothing that makes them feel beautiful & confident. Both Alyssa & Kateri have gone through body image issues and have struggled to find clothing that makes them feel good. During our years as boutique owners we’ve listened to many women’s stories. All too often these stories center around the difficulty of finding clothes that fit properly and feel cute and comfy. It seems over the years, we've all been taught WE are supposed to fit into the clothes, not that the clothes are meant to fit our individual bodies and make us feel comfortable. One thing has become clear - all women are different! We want to honor that with our hand-selected products.

At The Gray Barn Boutique, YOU are what is most important. We are here to help you express your own unique personality and perspective, and, most importantly, to feel comfortable and confident! When you shop at The Gray Barn Boutique, you become part of our family & our community of women who build each other up & support each other in living their best lives. 

Again, welcome & we are so happy you are here! Customer service is our top priority, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. It is our goal to treat every customer like family. Email us at support@thegraybarnboutique.com 

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